Kaedyn in pain

Laying next my precious 3 year old who is now on a constant morphine drip. He spiked fevers throughout the night probably due to low counts or an ANC of 0. To be safe they started him on antibiotics which is now causing him to have diarrhea which made him poop his pants. He was so upset that he made himself had a nose bleed because his platelets are low but not low enough for another transfusion. His mouth is so bad that when he cries he can barely open his mouth and drool just comes pouring out. I am laying next to him listening to his tummy rumble because it is starving but he can’t eat for 2 days now because his mouth is so bad. I have been rubbing his legs because he is having so much pain due to inactivity and treatment related effects.
All the while I can’t do anything for him but hold him, snuggle and love him. God please help my baby!!!! I’m so tired of this life he so does not deserve.

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  1. Posted by Martha Smith on February 27, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Hearing your cry, sweet Shelsie. Oh, my heart is aching for Kaedyn
    and each of you. I am praying right now with you, for the Lord’s touch
    to come upon Him, and pain subsiding, and peace coming to his body.
    And the counts will go back where they need to be, and the side
    affects will stop. O Lord, thank you that you are holding Shelsie
    and Kaedyn and all of the family, right now in your arms. In your
    presence O Lord, we rest. We are thanking you for your healing
    and restoration in this journey, as it progresses, everything that
    concerns us O Lord, and concerns this precious family, you are
    perfecting, and going before Kaedyn, and preparing the way
    of restoration through the transplant and in any way that is needed.
    In Jesus name we come. Amen. I am sitting here at the computer thinking of each of you, and knowing that I can not come and the isolation I know is so rough, and
    of course I know the one thing that is powerful, and we can all do is pray.
    Pray for pain to subside, praying for no complications, and peace, and
    things moving along as scheduled, as it needs to be. Thank the Lord there is no distance in prayer, no geographical distance can keep us apart from praying and being there in the spirit with one another. Love you, Martha Smith


  2. Posted by Courtney on February 27, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    Shelsie, I know about Kaedyn from my friend Sue D. that I work with in Gainesville. Just want you to know that my family is praying for Kaedyn, especially my 8 year old daughter. We’re so sorry your family is going through this. We will keep you & Kaedyn before God’s throne. Praying for you.


  3. Posted by Nancy Clyatt on February 28, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    I am so sorry that the cure is so cruel. But Kaedyn is one of the fortunate ones to have a family that is willing to go to any extreme to let this little one know how much they all love him. those of us who travel this road with you grieve for the pain Kaedyn feels in the flesh but also for the pain that is shared by those who love him the most. I know the hours seems to go on forever and the anguish never seems to subside. This child has many angels ministering to him. Some in the flesh and some unseen. No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible. Love you all very much!


    • Hey Mrs. Nancy
      Thank you so much. Your love for our family has always shown. It sure is a cruel cure but at least he can be freed from this beast forever. Some don’t even have that option so I suppose we are lucky.
      Love you


  4. Posted by Daryle Borrows on February 28, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    Lord we pray for this little boy and his family SATAN we command you in the name of Jesus to release this family from all oppression and Lord heal Kaeydon
    Please Father help them


  5. Keeping Kaedyn in my prayers.
    May God have mercy and bring relief and healing in Jesus’ name.



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