Signing away :(

Today I spoke with the Radiologist who will be in charge ok Kaedyn’s radiation. It was very sad for me. I knew this was coming but it is getting so close. In just a week from today and about this time Kaedyn will be done with his first day of radiation.
Since they believe he had disease in his testicles he is getting a double booster to that area which could cause burning and irritation to they area. I just hate thinking of that. Much less knowing that some day I will tell my son that has fought cancer twice, he will never be able to have children. She said that the likelihood of this is near 100%. I feel like cancer will in some way haunt us forever. He has also been given a 20% chance of developing a secondary cancer at some point in his life which could 5-20 years out. I can bear all the side effects but not him developing another cancer.
Before she left she said that we are doing everything we can to rid him of this beast. I know that and I know I’m doing the right thing by choosing to fight. However the fight is such a nasty and brutal one.
Thursday is a day I’m not looking forward to either. Having a Central Line placed is a reminder of his first battle and how hard it was. This time will be much tougher and harder on him. Now it’s not just up to the medicine to rid him of the cancer but its up to his strength and determination to keep pushing and to fight back. His body has to accept the new cells and then let them take over without causing to much of a fight.
One thing I know about Kaedyn is that he is determined and sometimes relentless. He most certainly will give this disease everything he has, I just pray it’s enough.
Please please pray for so many things now. Please ask God to help the surgeons get his new line placed correctly and not cause him too much pain, his side effects from radiation and chemo to be minimal, his marrow results on Thursday to be clear and for transplant to go well so he can be cancer free forever.

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  1. Posted by Tracey on March 6, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Super sad news. You and Kaedyn and the WHOLE rest of the family are in my prayers. Even though I’ve never met the little guy, I know he is definitely one person we need on this Earth. You have all been through so much and are so tough and full of faith. I love you all.


  2. Posted by Martha Smith on March 6, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    Standing in faith, and praying for Thursday – today in fact- for the central line to go through so easily/smoothly, the procedure will have no problems, and no complications in Jesus name And the peace of Jesus be upon Kaedyn, and each of you. Praying for His strength to be with each of you. In Jesus name, love you, Martha.
    Psalm 138:8 The Lord is perfecting those things which you are concerned about.


  3. I have been following Kayden now for over a year i belive and I just know he going to beat this nasty thing.. tell him for me i am rooting for him and I have a bunch of my church prayer worriers praying for him tomorrow. God Bless.. Susan


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