A Celebration in the Making

Kaedyn has a little cough.  We figured it was a cold and he needed time to fight it off. It kept hanging on so we had a chest X-ray done to rule out Pneumonia last Wednesday. It came back clear, thank goodness.
We think it’s an Upper Respiratory Infection. He started an antiobotic for 5 days. They think this will knock it out of him, if not another antibiotic can be called in.
We also learned he won’t have another Bone Marrow Biopsy or Spinal Tap until 1 year out from transplant and hopefully will have the port removed.  I feel a port removal celebration in the making, so keep praying for great blood work to continue.  Thank you so much.
Photo: Poor baby.. He has been sick with a little cough for over a month now. We knew it was just a cold and that he needed time to fight it off. It kept hanging on so we had a chest X-ray done to rule out Pneumonia. It came back clear!! (Which we expected).<br />
We think it's just an Upper Respiratory Infection. He will start the Z-Pack tonight for 5 days. The good thing is that we are not coming up for a follow up appointment. They think this will knock it out of him and if not another antibiotic can be called in.<br />
We also learned today that he won't have another Bone Marrow Biopsy or Spinal Tap until 1 year out. Which is also the same time he will have his Port removed.<br />
I can feel a Deportation Party in the making...

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  1. Posted by Mandy B. on November 17, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    Continued prayers for Kayden. He is such a strong little man.


  2. Posted by Martha Smith on November 23, 2013 at 12:28 am

    Thanks for sharing Absolutely, Kaedyn is a strong little man. I love each of you. Praying for good blood work, and over the cold/flu like respiratory symptoms. And feeling better again. Yes, I am thankful no spinal taps for awhile, and also in one year, the port out ! that will be a celebration for sure. And each part of this journey, the Lord has seen you all through. And your love and long hours, and no sleep and such such dedication to precious Kaedyn. Oh, my you are champions in my book and in my heart. Continue to pray daily for you all. I am sorry so late getting back to you. Have had a lot of extreme fatigue with potassium/depletion. But I am on the way back to good blood results. I had a cat scan/lungs/carcinoid cancer tumors, endocrine cancer, and no changes at all; looks good, stable, there is no treatment or cure for this neuro-endocrine carcinoid but it is very slow progressing, very slowly. Thank God. And now I am a breast cancer survival since 2008. Thanking the Lord for you, and know you are always in my heart…. Thank you for sharing all your love and energy and time into making a way for Children/with cancer to have what they need and you are awesome, each of you as you are sharing ! love you, Martha Smith, Atlanta, Ga.


    • Posted by Candy Hill on November 25, 2013 at 10:07 pm

      Thank you Martha. What a beautiful post from you. We love you & I never stop praying for you. It is through your love & prayers and the love and prayers of others that our family has made it through these last three years. Thank you for caring about us and for your faithfulness in praying and in relying on God. Glad to hear your health is stabilized. Love & hugs.


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