Kaedyn Has a New Cousin

Kaedyn is doing great and has an appointment at Shands the first week of July. Please pray his blood work is wonderful and reflects all donor cells.

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks. Kaedyn has a new cousin named Juliet. She is a week old today, and he already loves her very much. I am trying to post photos that show him holding her and the expressions are priceless on his face.

Mommy is checking out preschools for Kaedyn to attend in August. He will be in a four year old PK class. Kaedyn has gone along and toured the schools also. He has a favorite because it has such an awesome playground. Imagine that! He is playing and seems to be enjoying life in such an incredible way! We are happy to watch him play and catch frogs and lizards which he loves doing.

I’m having a issues with posting pictures on the blog this evening, but I will keep trying.

Please keep praying for him as we know you do. Also pray for his little friend Ayden who is trying very hard to beat brain cancer and just had surgery.

Thanks for keeping up with Kaedyn’s progress and we will let you know how his upcoming appointment goes.

Love and Hugs,

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  1. Posted by Martha Smith on June 11, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    Nan-Nan, it is “good to see you here”. I have been having several flares of rheumatoid arthritis, and so tired. So do not come here as often as I did. I am thrilled to hear about Miss Juliet…. awe, how awesome. I have a difficult time posting pics as well. Congratulations and best wishes to her parents, and each member of the family as you celebrate her coming into this wonderful family. And Kaedyn, I just love it – he is playing, and getting ready to go to pre-K. Wonderful news. And am praying already started, a good visit to Shands, and a good report, and everything that needs to be on that report that is good, and perfect will be there, normal ! amen. Psalm 138:8 The Lord is perfecting the things which concern you. And always the Lord goes before and prepares the way for life. Sometimes it is painful getting there, but so thankful for each of you. Your inspiration, perseverance, love, and holding everyone in prayer yourself, just a blessing, you are a blessing, each of you. And praying for precious Ayden, speaking life to Ayden in Jesus name Love Love Love you, Martha Smith/Atlanta, Ga. area.. used to live in St. Augustine for 8 years/not too far from Shands. And was a children’s therapist and sent several children to Shands for a medical check-up, making sure nothing physical was wrong. Awesome, thank God for Shands, and Others like it (for children) amen.


  2. Dear Martha,
    I’m sorry you are dealing with arthritis and feeling tired. I will pray and hope you begin feeling better soon. Thank you for the congratulations. Juliet is an added blessing in our life and we love her very much. Kaedyn is so excited to have a cousin to love and teach things to. Thank you for praying about his next appt. at Shands and for praying for Ayden.
    We love you and enjoy hearing from you.


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