Summer Fun and Make A Wish Trip

After 3 years of fighting cancer this little guy went on his Make A Wish trip and a Disney Cruise at that. It was a well kept secret, but he played with dolphins and stingrays on 2 excursions. One thing about Kaedyn for sure is he loves animals especially marine animals, just like his Momma. We were so excited to celebrate my little guy’s bravery through his long fight. This was super special for us because we started planning the trip 2 years ago, but due to Kaedyn relapsing we weren’t able to go the first time. At that point his chance of survival was not so good as he was given less than a 50% chance of survival. But he is here, healthy and so much ALIVE! So imagine how excited we felt to be sailing off!
Thanks to all those who donate to Make A Wish. I’ll share plenty of pictures on facebook so you can see how your donations change the lives of many special and brave kiddos. And a special thank you to all those who work for MAW.
To all those still fighting, never give up!
As I celebrate my son’s health, I will never forget the lives lost due to this terrible disease. No words can express my sadness for you. Love to all the families in the past, present and future who have children fighting cancer. I pray for a cure every day.

I don’t know if you remember but when Kaedyn was going through his transplant 483 days ago we talked about getting a bird for him at 1 year Post Transplant. He forgot for a while, but recently reminded me of my promise. So Mommy told him after his Make A Wish trip, I would get him his bird. Finally, we got his new pet. His name is Fancy Feathers named by Kaedyn.

Kaedyn starts preschool August 18th and is very excited. He wants to meet and play with new friends. Please pray for continued good health and blood work at his next check up.

Please pray for our little friend Aubrey who has been diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer at 8 months old. So far she has been brave and is handling everything well, but has more treatments to go through. Please pray for strength for her lovely family as they battle along with Aubrey.

We are experiencing issues with posting photos on the blog, please go to Kaedyn Love Facebook or Candy Yost Hill to see updates about Kaedyn and our family. We will try to get the isssues resolved with the blog.

NanNan and Shelsie

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  1. Posted by martha smith on August 19, 2014 at 12:03 am

    How exciting about the cruise ! Yea, In am so happy for Kaedyn and each of you. Nan Nan and Shelsie, thanks for sharing.l I can just picture Kaedyn and the dolphins and the fun. And I celebrate with each of you and courageous Kaedyn, his awesome miracle, and will continue giving thanks ! And for all good reports. Keep on enjoying life, each moment. Since I was discharged from one of my cancer Dr. (s) saying after going on six years plus – breast cancer,,, I can return to “regular Dr.” I remain with tumors in my lungs neuro-endocrine no cure and no treatments, endocrine not lung cancer, however, it is very gradual and slow progressing, diagnosed in 2007 and now I enjoy and look and feel and take into my soul… each leaf, each blue sky, and family, and everything in between, smile. ((((((((hugs)))) Now I want to get out of this wheelchair/rheumatoid arthritis, next project. LOVE LOVE YOU all.  Martha Smith (((Thanks for sharing)))


  2. Posted by Candy Hill on October 2, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    Love you too Martha and I will do an update soon. I’m still not able to post pictures to the blog but i put pictures of Kaedyn on my Facebook. Hope the arthritis is better and that you are having good days. I love hearing all that you take in and enjoy. You are a wonderful inspiration to us.


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