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First of all, let us say thank you so much for your overwhelming responses. Hundreds, if not thousands of you have offered your prayers, kind words, and offers of support and help.

To make it easy for people to know how you could help us, here are some ways.

1. Most importantly, please pray for Kaedyn and our family. We need healing, strength, and comfort from above to get through this.

2. Donate blood, platelets, register for the bone marrow donor list. All of these can be done at LifeSouth.

3. St. Judes is a great place to send money for cancer research, and to help thousands of other kids and families in this same plight.

4. Kaedyn Love bracelets are for sale for $5 at Private Room Salon and Mojos,

5. The other major need is for help is with all the miscellaneous expenses during this stay. When you’re confined to a hospital room/campus, the small things become big. Shelsie’s favorite coffee for example, and some days, all we can get Kaed to eat are donut holes. Trips to and from Ocala for Nic and other family members add up. Local restaurant gift cards are a great help. No donation is too small. $5 is a great cup of coffee and breakfast from the Starbucks on Shand’s campus.

Tangibly, you can give directly through your credit card via the link to Shelsie’s paypal account, or feel free to send support in any form to Shelsie Ballew at 3119 NE 8th Place, Ocala, FL 34470.

6. Another significant way you could support Kaedyn is to support one business who directly contributes to Kaedyn on a daily basis: Stevens Electric & Mechanical service (owned by Kaedyn’s grandpa, Dave Stevens). If you are in need of any any electrical or a/c work, industrial or residential, please call 352-369-6223.

7. On January 26th
Pat and Marion’s is excited to announce our ‘Pickin for Kaedyn’ day at the grove. On Saturday, January 26th the grove will be open from 7:00 AM till dark for people who would like to show their support by picking their own oranges and/ or grapefruit. We will collect $5 for each 1/4 bushel and $10 for each 1/2 bushel picked. Even if you are unable to pick your own, they will have someone pick yours for you to buy. Free drinks will be provided. Every single cent raised will be given to us. More details will be posted later.

As more local businesses are offering to help, we will list them here. If you or your business is interested in being part of a coming Kaedyn Love fundraiser, or are already doing something we didn’t mention please contact Aimee Nelson at 352-286-1365. THANK YOU!!

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  1. Posted by Keli on January 10, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Lots of cancers have been cured with his diet method as well. It at least helps the bodies immune system be as strong as possible.

    Sending you love and prayers.


  2. Posted by renuka adhav on February 24, 2013 at 10:28 am

    So this story has touched my heart so much and although I am broke and in art school right now at age 25, I would seriously love to donate something to Kaedyn.. I do portraits of people and I would love to do a portrait of him, your choice of picture, so I can mail it to you! I live in atlanta and I would love to get the word out here so others can help too! Please let me know. My name is Renuka and I have Liked The Kaedyn Love page on facebook. I really want to meet him one day! Your boy is so precious and I hope something that I could do for him would make him smile :)

    Please respond back or find me on facebook. Praying for him :)



  3. God Bless you Renuka. God will bless you for being a loveing person!


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