Kaedyn and His Mama

My angel!!! Nothing is better than spending a day with this guy in this beautiful weather..
Photo: My angel!!! Nothing is better than spending a day with this guy in this beautiful weather..

Just Get it Done

Perfect blood work on Wednesday 2/13!  Kaedyn has a “normal immune system” and he gained a pound!  Thank you for all the wonderful prayers.
He had blood drawn from a vein for the first time since his port no longer works.  He laughed and said, ” that didn’t hurt at all.”  We had a consultation appointment yesterday for port removal surgery and it will be coming out in 2 weeks!  The consultation scheduled for 1/30 had to be cancelled as he was sick.  Kaedyn says, “just get it done.”  Such a brave little boy.
Next months appointment will be his 1 year post transplant. We aren’t going back for 6 weeks. This is the longest we’ve stayed away from the hospital. After his appointment on Wednesday (3/26), he will have his final Spinal Tap and Bone Marrow Biopsy to make sure there aren’t any sneaky little lingering cells. If all turns out well, he will never undergo another procedure like this.!.!.!.!.  It’s been a long, long road but I feel this is the end to cancer affecting my baby.  Please continue praying for him to be cancer free. 



Good-bye Port Real Soon

Fun times with his Aunt Lanie in this photo. 
Please pray for a great consultation appointment at Shands tomorrow (1/30) concerning port removal.  We want to say good-bye to the thing after three long years!  It is being removed a little early since it no longer works.  For the next couple of months Kaedyn will receive his medicine by another method.  Can you believe March 22nd will be one year since the bone marrow transplant. 
Photo: Fun times with his Aunt Lanie...

Tenth Month New Cells Anniversary

January 22 was 10 months out from the bone marrow transplant.  He’s looking so good and oh what a blessing!
Photo: 10 month new cell day anniversary..

Kaedyn loves his oranges!

Great Eye Exam for Kaedyn

We went to Gainesville yesterday to test Kaedyn’s eyes for off treatment effects. We were concerned he may develope Cataracts or Graft vs. Host Disease of the eyes. He went through a period of time where he was blinking and squinting frequently. He would cry and not produce many tears. 
Fortunately, we learned that his eye sight is perfect for a child his age. There are no signs of either Cataracts or Graft vs. Host Disease. The Eye Doctor thinks he may have been having an allergy issue for a few weeks.
We go to Shands for blood work and his monthly medicine tomorrow 1/15. Only 2 more infusions and appointments after this one, and he will be a year out from transplant. 
I can’t wait to discuss and schedule port removal tomorrow.
Thank you for your continued prayers and love.

Christmas Greetings to All

Merry Christmas from Kaedyn and family!!
Photo: Merry Christmas from Kaedyn and family!!

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